Cutting edge industrial urban farming

Locally grown, fresh and nutritious

Three times higher yields as compared to the greenhouses similar to ours

Fifty times higher yields as compared to conventional agriculture

Aeroponics is beautiful

Ecologically and economically beneficial

Technological development which saves nature


Aleinu Greenhouse is situated on a rooftop in an industrial zone built in the middle of the desert. We are proud to grow and harvest greens and herbs of the premium quality: aromatic, juicy, nutritious, and insect-free. This has been made possible thanks to aeroponics – a cutting edge sustainable farming technology based on the use of mist air instead of soil. The invention of aeroponics has revolutionized the way we think about agriculture: the soil-free farming became incorporated into the urban life style. Aleinu made one step further: thanks to our research and patented technological contribution, aeroponics can now be applied at the large-scale level while still using relatively small facilities: at our 1 acre greenhouse we harvest as much greenery as a 50 acre field yields when the conventional agricultural methods are applied. By doing so, we consume 90% less water. Compared to the greenhouses that employ techniques similar to ours, Aleinu’s yield is 3 times higher.

At Aleinu, we care about the environment. We follow the green building principles, save energy and use no heavy pesticides.

We care about people. We provide fair treatment to our employees. As opposed to the traditional farming, they work in an air-conditioned, comfortably equipped building and don’t have to stay overtime.

We care about the future. Today, about 54% of the world population lives in cities and towns. In the USA, these residents constitute 81% of the population, in Israel – 91%. The task to produce food for such a large quantity of people who do not work on land affects the ecology on both the global and the local levels. We believe that aeroponics based urban farming is the most efficient solution to this challenge. Growing crops locally, in sustainable greenhouses, will both help preserve nature and make people healthier by providing them with the best quality crop. Aleinu Greenhouse has proven that this solution works.

Our Produce

For retailers and individual buyers, we supply locally grown freshly harvested greens and herbs that meet the highest international quality standards, such as the Global G.A.P. Visit our online shop to choose from more than 25 different types of greens and herbs such as basil, lettuce, arugula, parsley, chives, sage, mint, and more.

Commercial Enterprises

Cafés, restaurants, hotels, grocery stores and other retailers can benefit from our aeroponic units. Your customers will enjoy the greens harvested in their presence, while the units themselves can easily become a fancy element of the building’s interior design

Another business solution that we offer is the installation of aeroponic greenhouses on relatively small size rooftops. Those can be equipped with either automated or manual gear – based on your demand.


Enjoy the crop harvested one minute ago. Our state of the art aeroponic units will provide you with the freshest greens and herbs for every meal. During the last couple of decades, aeroponics has become a part of the urban life style. It’s been developed for people who care about the environment, on the one hand, and are not willing to compromise on the quality of their food, on the other. There is another very important value to the aeroponics: it’s beautiful. Equipped with enhancing lights, our aeroponic units can also become an essential decorative element in your house or apartment.

Large-Scale Projects

The modern fields no longer have to be located in the countryside. Today, large quantities of crops can be harvested in cities and towns. We supply greenhouses, technology, equipment, consumables and expendables for sustainable urban agricultural industry. The yields in our automated aeroponic greenhouses are 50 times higher than those in the traditional field agriculture and 3 times higher as compared to the greenhouses that apply approaches similar to ours.


Aeroponics is more than just a way to add freshly harvested greens to the meals. We believe it’s a powerful educational tool. Aeroponis units installed in schools, kindergartens and youth clubs expose the kids to the idea that the technological progress doesn’t have to be at odds with nature. On the contrary, it can and should be sustainable. The kids, in turn, don’t just have to stand by and watch the cutting edge agricultural technology in action: they can take part in the aeroponic farming.


Aeroponics unites people. Neighbors, families and friends can get together and turn rooftops, yards, balconies and even flights of stairs into sustainable urban mini-farms. Our technology and equipment are save, user-friendly and easily accessible. This is a great opportunity to involve everyone interested, e.g. kids, elderly and people in wheelchairs.

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