Aleinu Sustainable Aeroponic Greenhouse was established 6 years ago. Its functioning as a large-scale commercial project became possible due to a number of patented innovations introduced by Bentsion Kabakov and a group of his colleagues, the engineers who had come to Israel from the former Soviet Union.

We believe that the ecological challenges the modern world has been facing make it necessary to change our approach to the agriculture. The goals to feed large quantities of people, on the one hand, and to protect nature, on the other, do not have to be contradictory any longer. Both of them can be achieved if the farming becomes local and moves to the cities and towns – to the sustainable rooftop greenhouses that save energy and do not pollute the environment. Our aeroponic greenhouse, which yields 50 times more greens per square meter than the traditional farming does while consuming 90% less water, proves that this scenario is more than possible.

We are committed to excellence both in our produce and in protecting the environment. That’s why we continue research and do our best to make the aeroponic technology even more effective. Our efforts have resulted in a number of patented inventions that have enabled us to harvest yields 3 times higher than those in the greenhouses whose technology is similar to ours.

At Aleinu, we view the environment holistically and believe that taking care of it is incomplete unless you make sure that the people are doing well. We provide fair treatment to our employees. It’s important for us that they work in an air-conditioned, comfortably equipped building and don’t have to stay overtime.

Today, the Aleinu team consists of about 20 people who happen to represent almost the whole spectrum of the Israeli social mosaic: Jews and Arabs, Religious and Secular, Israeli born and immigrants. We all work together and value each other’s contribution. We are convinced that no matter how harsh the political challenges are, there is always a basis for mutual respect and co-existence. At Aleinu, that’s our guiding line.