Cafés, restaurants, hotels, grocery stores and other retailers can benefit from our aeroponic units. Your customers will enjoy the greens harvested in their presence, while the units themselves can easily become a fancy element of the building’s interior design

Another business solution that we offer is the installation of aeroponic greenhouses on relatively small size rooftops. Those can be equipped with either automated or manual gear – based on your demand.

Aeroponics is both nature- and user-friendly. It doesn’t involve kneeling or working in an unpleasant environment. It doesn’t create noise, waste products or bad odor. It helps you save water and energy.

Thanks to the substitution of soil with the mist air, the aeroponic equipment doesn’t weight much. This means that to set up a greenhouse on a rooftop, you don’t have to reinforce the building. The mist air circulates in closed plastic conduits. This means that no extra-insulating against moisture is necessary.

Just install the gear and start growing greens, herbs and vegetables.