Aeroponics unites people. Neighbors, families and friends can get together and turn rooftops, yards, balconies and even flights of stairs into urban mini-farms. Our technology and equipment are safe, user-friendly and easily accessible. This is a great opportunity to involve everyone interested, e.g. kids, elderly and people in wheelchairs.

Based on where exactly in the building you are going to grow the greens, herbs, fruits and vegetables, we can provide you with either aeroponic units, or the greenhouse equipment. We can also supply you a fully geared  sustainable aeroponic greenhouse.

Our greenhouses can be either automated or manually run – based on your demand.

To set up a greenhouse on a rooftop, you don’t have to reinforce the building. No extra-insulating against moisture is necessary as well.

Aeroponics is perfect for the indoors as well: no bad odors, no noise, no dirt, no kneeling, and no waste products.

Our experts can guide you through all the stages of the aeroponic process: from the equipment installation to yield harvesting.