Enjoy the crop harvested one minute ago. Our state of the art aeroponic units will provide you with the freshest greens and herbs for every meal.  During the last couple of decades, aeroponics has become a part of the urban life style. It’s been meant for people who care about the environment, on the one hand, and are not willing to compromise on the quality of their food, on the other. There is, however, another very important value to the aeroponics: it’s beautiful. Equipped with enhancing lights, the aeroponic units can also become an essential decorative element of your house or apartment.

Our aeroponic equipment and expendables are environment- and user-friendly. They do not create noise, dirt, bad odors or waste products. Thanks to the direct contact between the mist air and the plant’s root system, the greens, herbs and vegetables grow fast and look nice and healthy. They are tastier and more aromatic than the plants produced by the conventional agricultural methods. That’s an ideal way to grow mint, argula, basil, parsley, lettuce, as well as many other types of greens, herbs, fruits and vegetables. Growing flowers is also an option!