Our greens and herbs meet the strictest kashrut standards and are certified as “kosher le-mehadrin” by Institute for Agricultural Research According to the Torah, the Maale Adummin Rabbinate  and the Maale Adummim Religious Council.

Kashrut laws forbid eating insects. To get rid of the insects completely, the greens and herbs are usually treated with some heavy pesticides and then washed in the bleach baths.

At Aleinu, however, we obtain the same results employing totally different, environment and human health friendly methods. Specifically, we have developed and patented a system of physical obstacles that prevent the insects from coming into contact with the plants. These obstacles are as follows:

  • The greenhouse’s location

– in the city (in an industrial zone)

The danger for the produce to become contaminated with the insects is drastically lower in the city than in the countryside

– at 17 meter (56 ft) height

Under the windless weather conditions, most insects are capable of flying up to 80 cm high. Lifted by the wind, the insect can fly to the height of up to 2 meters. Thus the very location of the greenhouse at the rooftop becomes an obstacle on the insect’s way to the plant.

  • Securing entrances and windows

– the greenhouse’s walls have been wrapped with an anti-insect IP 50 net all along their perimeter

–  the entrances are secured with air curtains

  • Sterile environment throughout all the stages of the plants’ growing and harvesting

– Instead of purchasing the seedlings elsewhere, we germinate the seeds on our premises. To do so, we use the mineral wool, which is clean of insects and their larvae. As a result, we can ensure the plant’s health starting from the earliest stages of its growth.

  • Getting rid of the insects that have managed to get in

Despite all these measures, some insects do manage to get into the building. This is the reason we employ our specially developed “insect annihilators” mounted on the platforms moving across the greenhouse. Those are machines with 3000 rpm propellers installed inside of them. As the propellers rotate, the machines suck up the air with all the flying insects it contains.

Employing this system of physical obstacles has enabled us to utilize reduced-risk substances against insects. We do so to guarantee that our produce is fully kosher. Those substances are only harmful to insects, causing no damage to either the environment, or the people’s health.  Thus our greens and herbs meet both the kashrut le-mehadrin and the organic produce criteria.

The kashrut level we have reached is so impressive that the Institute for Agricultural Research According to the Torah has developed a new halachic standard based on our patented plant protection method.