The modern fields no longer have to be located in the countryside. Today, large quantities of crops can be harvested in cities and towns. We supply greenhouses, technology, equipment, consumables and expendables for sustainable urban agricultural industry. The yields in our automated aeroponic greenhouses are 50 times higher than those in the traditional field agriculture and 3 times higher as compared to the greenhouses that apply approaches similar to ours.

Growing greens, herbs and vegetables in cities enables you to supply your produce to the retailers (stores, restaurants, hotels etc.) directly, with no storage and distribution stations on its way. As a result, its prime cost goes down, whereas your clients benefit from the very fresh produce which has fully kept its nutritional value.

Thanks to the substitution of soil with the mist air, the aeroponic equipment doesn’t weight much. This means that to set up a greenhouse on a rooftop, you don’t have to reinforce the building. The mist air circulates in closed plastic conduits. This means that no extra-insulating against moisture is necessary.

We can supply you with a fully equipped greenhouse, or provide you with any corresponding gear and expandable materials, based on your demand.

Our aeroponic technology is environmentally and economically beneficial: our yields are 50 times higher than those in the conventional farming, yet we consume 90% less water. To irrigate our 1 acre greenhouse we only have to use eight 1.1 kW pumps, working alternately.

Thanks to our patented the non-aerosol irrigation technology, the greenhouses we offer are resistible to power shutdowns. If those happen, the adult plants can hold for up to 15 minutes without suffering from any damage, the seedlings – for up to 3 weeks.

We consider the development of the aeroponics one of our primarily goals and invest a lot of efforts and resources to improve the existing technologies and create the new, even more effective ones.

All the technologies, equipment and expendable materials we have been using, have proven themselves in our sustainable rooftop greenhouse in course of the last 6 years.