Aeroponics is not a science fiction. In fact, it has left the science fiction far behind. Please, come and see it with your own eyes!

Aleinu opens its doors to the broad public. We invite you to visit our sustainable greenhouse situated on a rooftop in an industrial zone built in the middle of the desert. It’s an opportunity to experience how the industrial urban farming works. We will introduce you to our cutting edge aeroponic technology, including our 1 acre automated aeroponic conveyer where we grow greens and herbs of different types and ages simultaneously. You will learn first-hand how aeroponics works, how we irrigate the plants spending 90% less water compared to the conventional agriculture, what we do to protect our greens from insects without using heavy pesticides, etc. We will demonstrate you some of our patented inventions, which are already making the aeroponics even more effective than it used to be. You will see them in action

And, of course, we will serve you beverages with our tasty and aromatic herbs harvested just one minute ago.

The length of a tour is approximately 2 hours.

We also provide special tours and workshops for professionals – farmers, developers etc.

Workshops for those who are about to start practicing aeroponic farming and would like to learn how the equipment works, how the plants should be grown and harvested, etc, are available as well.

The activities involve payment and have to be coordinated in advance.

For more inquiry, please, contact us.